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On Writing: Perspective

I recently read a book called ‘Outlaw of Gor’ and it provided me with an outlook of something I have been thinking about for quite some time, writing fantasy from a first person perspective (I am not sure if this terminology applies in writing).

When I first started writing, I wanted to document a specific period in my life that few have been through, I shall keep it a mystery for now, and never got to do it because I thought that autobiographies suck unless they have a somewhat decent writing style. The words in biographies, as I discovered myself by reading them, bear much more weight than in other genres. It has to be art, not just a recollection of events.

So I started working on my fifth book, which would probably be titled Flamesoul or Grieving Flame, and writing it from a first person perspective. It is a fantasy book set in the world I have been working on for the past year or so, and will aim to address the topic of immortality while, if I manage to incorporate it, its relevance to the five stages of grief.

The first chapter, I decided, would be a simple recollection of the significant incidents which occurred in the past four books and their influence on the life of the protagonist. Thus there is no need for me to prepare an outline for this part, a relief that did give me a nice push to start the story.

I am, however, close to ending the first chapter, at a short 4k or so words, and will need to work on the outline with the new method I have mentioned in the last post, or maybe the one before that. I will keep recording any interesting findings on this blog for those who are interested. Please feel free to comment of anything and speak your mind.

Have a great day, evening or night!


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