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Hands of Fate: Chapter 1.7


While skulking in the rear of the Siren’s main deck, escaping the serving of dinner, Ganis heard a tranquil voice singing merry tunes. Although incapable of explaining the reason, Ganis knew that the singer reduced the quality of her singing purposefully. The tune grew closer.

Hypnotized by the music, the Moroi found bright blue eyes looking straight at her. The intensity of Thalia’s yellow colored hair made it difficult to miss the artist even with the absence of light, although the Moroi’s undead eyes could see in the darkest of places. Thalia halted her singing and started another tune.

“Hiding in the shadow of the Siren’s main deck,

Ganis, a stranger amidst our ranks.

She looks like a fair maiden, but acts like a creep

For all of us wonder when she sleep”

“Do you like my new tune?”

“It worries me that you spend your time thinking of ridiculous tunes instead of training. Perhaps it would be wise if I did not rely on you in combat.”

Laughing merrily at Ganis’ observation, Thalia responded, “That is a rather funny thing to say from someone who spends most of her time avoiding people instead of training. It seems that both of us share the same concern.”

“I guarantee that my fighting capabilities will increase the overall effectiveness of this Ona.”

“Care to put this to a test?”

Smiling at her comrade’s challenge, Ganis held her fists up in a gesture of acceptance. Thalia struck first, but her blows were all averted by the Moroi’s quicker hands. Kicks and punches were exchanged without hesitation from either. The fighting caused the contestants to move towards the middle of the deck, where the lighting offered them better sight. Stirred by the commotion, the other crewmen and comrades aboard the Tear surfaced to the main deck.

The fighting caused the spectators to cheer and start placing bets. Pertinax and the others did not interfere in the friendly duel between their comrades as it was obvious that it was not serious. Naturally, Ganis held back to hide her true nature. Although pushing her training and natural ability to the limit, Ganis was incapable of turning the tides of the brawl to her favor. Thalia, however, periodically increased the strength and speed of her blows to gage her comrade’s fighting limits.

Eventually, Thalia gained the upper hand and pinned her opponent to the ground. “You are the second strongest person I ever fought,” Thalia informed her comrade.

“Who is the strongest?”

“Sigurd, our Turian companion,” Thalia replied while helping Ganis up.

Barely swallowing her pride, Ganis falsely confessed, “You are a better fighter than I. Fighting alongside someone with your skills comforts me. I was wrong to assume that you would be a liability on the battlefield.”

“I stretched my glorious skills to the limit. You are not too bad after all,” Thalia responded. “Mind if I make a song about our brawl?”

“Not at all, but do not go around bragging that you beat me. At least do not use my name,” Ganis responded. “How did you become so skilled in both fighting and singing?”

“Through a lifetime of hardship and irony. But the origin of my skills remains a mystery even to me. If you ever come across anyone who knew me before Partha, please do not hesitate to inquire about my past.”

“How come you do not know your own past?”

“My first memory is of a play I acted in five years ago. Apparently, no one knew who I was or where I had come from. The only certain fact I know about myself is that I am not Parthan. Are you bothered by my shrouded past?”

“I do not care for the past, but for the future that awaits our party. As long as you can be trusted, I am content.”

“Then I am glad. Did you talk to our other comrades yet?”

“All save for one; the bird talking fellow,” Ganis referred to her eccentric comrade, Monolos.

Thalia burst in laughter, “Good luck interpreting his speech. Unless you can turn into a bird or some odd insect, he will make little sense to you.”

“Does he not speak the common tongue?”

“He does. But if you put the words he speaks together, they will not make much sense,” the performer answered, barely controlling her laughter.

Ganis realized that the crowd of spectators that amassed for the brawl had dissipated. She then noticed the unusual silence which indicated that most crewmembers had retired to their quarters. Captain Habitus was the only one whom she could see other than Thalia, for he stood at the helm to guide the ship through the calm ocean waters.

Noticing Ganis observing the waters, Thalia addressed her, “Ever since the Behemoths’ defeat, the ocean waters have been unnaturally calm and inspiring for my art. I will leave you to your thoughts now.”

Ganis nodded her head, signaling a ‘good night’ to her comrade. It was not long till Thalia disappeared into the lower decks, and the Moroi was left alone to ponder. Reflecting on her speech with the artist, Ganis realized that her attempts to make herself scarce during feeding time raised much suspicion with her comrades. She knew that her identity could not be kept secret for long, especially since they would be spending an undefined and long period of time together. What shall I do? Ganis thought.


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