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On Chuck Norris: The Perfect Post

Chuck Norris!


An Old Post: At Last About The Purpose Of Life

This was written on Friday 16 January 2009,

Self Actualization is the highest and ultimate human need, according to Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, in order to reach it you need to have all your other needs accounted for, sustenance, shelter, security and social.

Why is It informing you of this you probably ask yourself.

The truth is that one way of explaining the purpose of life is using a humanitarian approach, we all need a reason.

When you start thinking abut the purpose of life then you probably have all your needs but for the final one accounted for, and this is when you start crossing the line between mortality and eternity.

Due to our feint vessels by which we carry ourselves in this physical world our bodies are destined to decay and perish, one can only reach immortality through his/her deeds.

So far mankind has proven to be best and destruction and anarchy, however, a new generation arises that seeks to fix the mistakes of their progenitors and if their basic needs are accounted for then they might needs to be self actualized and seek for the improvement of the world they populate and the world their children will populate.

This thread has been written in such a gapped way in order to inspire you to think more, think about what you want and how you want to be remembered, and know this, even though what you do in the present might seem insignificant for the future, you might be surprised by the proportions even the slightest act of improvement in the present can have in the future.

Now think for a while about this, good luck.

An Old Post: The Human (An Egocentric Being)

This was written on Thursday 15 January 2009,

Have you ever noticed that you are much more egocentric than you would like to be? Well don’t beat yourself about it, everyone is like that.

Let’s think about improvement, bearing into consideration this hedonistic characteristic humans naturally inherit.

In order for you to continue to improve you would first need to acknowledge this trait of yours and see how it affects your decisions, understand it further, then you should observe this behavior in other people you socialize with, most of these people will be egocentric but not realize it and that is an unimpressive characteristic.

On the other hand, if you would be entirely altruistic and put others before you, you won’t get that far in life, missing opportunities for self improvement to help others, this is unadvisable, and it is simply not natural.

Its answer to this predicament is to embrace your nature and understand it, this applies to all of your seemingly darker traits, discover and acquaint yourself to your inner animal, but don’t let it take control, good luck.

An Old Post: It Talks About Reaching

This was written on Wednesday 14 January 2009,

Did you ever have a classmate, acquaintance or friend that is simply good at everything? Someone that looks good, is very social, intelligent, fit…simply good at everything.

These people are the envy of, basically, everyone. It will share the secret with you about how to be someone like that.

These are the steps you should follow:

  1. Work out as much as you can without disturbing your schedule, usually an hour or two everyday for 4-7 times a week
  2. Constantly work on improving yourself at everything, physically, spiritually and intellectually
  3. Constantly try to make new friends that keep you motivated and don’t drag you down
  4. Set challenging goals, not goals that you think anyone can do with little effort, but goals only a few can accomplish
  5. Learn something new everyday, a word, a proverb, a skill…anything would do
  6. Think before you act but not too much, in time you will learn the appropriate amount of thinking required or different tasks
  7. Set a philosophy that you don’t deviate from, such as “I will always do what I think is the right thing” or “I will always do what’s best for me”
  8. Find out your flaws, embrace them then try to improve them
  9. Look at things objectively rather than subjectively, it makes it much easier to take good decisions
  10. Pick a hobby that helps you relax
  11. Structure your day as much as possible and pick a healthy diet
  12. Work on your self-discipline until you have full control on your animalistic instincts

I know it seems a lot, but this is the first step towards a life too easy to imagine, follow this for a while and when its time to move on It will post a new set of steps to follow. Be patient and good luck.

An Old Post: Continuation On Social Darwinism

This was written on Tuesday 13 January 2009,

Good….Evil….both are concepts widely misused to be convenient for our purposes, think about it for a moment and you will realize that almost all the time the victors tend to be viewed as the “good guys” except for a few “glitches” such as Hannibal Barka from Carthage.

The truth is that both these concepts are nonexistent, such as time, they are creations by man to facilitate the explanation of other things.

Unlike time though, good and evil have been created to help us justify otherwise unjustifiable acts such as say killing, stealing and the such, when you come to think of it somehow Social Darwinism explains it in a more logical way, think of the individual and the group as one unit which differs only in size, eventually there will be confrontation and a sort of competition between different units over scarce resources such as land, food or water.

Because most people ignorantly believe in the notion that man is naturally “Good” they cannot come to terms with doing what is necessary to survive without somehow justifying it to themselves.

End of the day, good and evil are concepts that have been developed to the convenience of the social unit, there is no good, there is no evil….Think of history and try to view it without the notion of these misguiding concepts and see the true nature of man, man is only superior to animals in destructive power, good luck.

An Old Post: It Talks About Social Darwinism

This was written on Monday 12 January 2009,

Which is more important the individual or the group?

Throughout history this question has been debated countless times, directly (Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Plato) or indirectly (Gandhi, Hitler, Alexander the Great), entire cultures were based on the notion of the collective group or individual achievements, some say that history is made by the individual and others say it is a collaborative effort by a group of people.

That’s all nice to hear, read and see but leaves little explained, in order for It to properly address this question two hypothetical extreme societies will be introduced.

Let’s assume that there are two societies, one that relies on specialization of work (Everything from gathering food to building) and the other culture has individuals that provide themselves with all their basic needs, for ease of reference the first society will be called Gasists and the second Niets.

The Gasist society would have relatively improved productivity over their neighbors and a naturally close familial culture where there would be high morals and laws of conduct with little stress on individual achievement and more on the community advancement, there would be no significant difference between the strong and the weak and a relatively high population that is generally peaceful.

As for their not so noble kin, the Niet society would be filled with corruption and immorality where the strong flourish and the weak perish, there would be a high level of devotion to the individual’s improvement from every possible aspect, physically to protect oneself and intellectually to be able to deceive and avoid deception.

Naturally the latter would have a much lower population but stronger and generally better individuals.

Now it is easy to grasp the concept of the individual or the collectivity, which is better? On one hand a hostile race of survivors are molded and on the other hand a peace and caring race of group workers are borne.

Take a moment to think about which is best…. The truth is that neither is better then the other, it all depends on the circumstances and most importantly natural resources.

The harsher the living conditions the closer we come to rely on the law of natural selection, the thinner the line of what is right and wrong and the more the shades of grey.

Ideally one should focus on constant self-improvement in a prudent manner, every step is to be thought about diligently and a strong bound loyalty should be established among a chosen few where trust can prevail, after all, the whole is greater than the sum of the part, so increase the size of the parts and the harmony by which they function, good luck.

An Old Blog: It Talks About Killing Stress

This was written on Sunday 11 January 2009,

Today’s Topic, Stress. Many Urban dwellers suffer from constant medium leveled stress, on the long run this is very disruptive to this individuals productivity levels.

For the purpose of this blog, stress will be categorized into three levels, low, medium and high.

Low stress is experienced when someone is to be late for meeting a friend, medium is, say, when someone is late for a business meeting and high would be in a war zone.

If you are reading this blog it is highly doubted that you are in a war zone, and if so then you should be worried about saving your butt instead of reading this blog.

Anyway, most of you would occasionally have a medium level of stress, how to cope with it is not a strong point for most people, here are a few tips.

First of all you could try a shift in diet, some foods contain substances that increase stress levels on the long run, such as foods containing white sugar (It realizes that this is included in most of what you eat today), eliminating foods containing artificial sugars would on the long term reduce stress, but doing so would require some patience and will power, good friends can help too.

Exercising also reduces stress levels, an hour a day jogging should do the trick.

Meditation is helpful for those who can find a nice quite place to do so, it is not that difficult you just need to sit in a straight position on a comfortable plane and focus on your breathing while clearing your mind of everything else.

Hobbies are very effective, if you are really into it, the further it takes you from your environment the more effective it is, among the most effective stress releasing hobbies are surfing, skateboarding and diving.

Try a few of these techniques and you might find yourself less stressed, more productive and generally happier, good luck.

An Old Blog: New Year

This was written on Saturday 10 January 2009,

It is a bit late to post for the New Year, but some people are still attempting to make their New Year’s resolution or desperately trying to implement whatever seemingly hopeless goals they came up with.

The truth is that nothing is impossible, unless you’re trying to grow wings or something, the trick is to keep yourself motivated and set goals that are difficult to achieve, but by no means impossible.

Common goals might include financials, physical appearance, intellect, health and so on. Self-improvement is a must for a successful trend of New Year resolutions.

After you came up with a resolution your aim should be to maintain the path by which you were heading, the first step is to write your goal or goals on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere you see first thing in the morning, such as a fridge or bathroom mirror.

The point of this is to keep your goals in your head and not to simply forget them two weeks after you came up with them.

From here we can move to the next step, tell your friends and family about your resolution, it has been scientifically proven that people who set goals and tell others about them are more likely to try and implement them.

If it is possible, try to find a close friend that has the same or similar aim you came up with, that would encourage you to go on and increase your motivation, stay away from the people that drag you down though.

Before you go to bed at the end of your day, try to review how your day went, and see how you deviated from your objective, write down your comments and review them weekly.

Keep this up for 56 weeks or 12 months and you will come to the end of your goal deadline, other than preparing the resolution for next year you should review your previous resolution and see how far you made it.

These are basic steps for you to follow, they key is not to get tired and give up, good luck.

An Old Blog: The Series

I was clearing my computer and found out some old posts that I previously blogged before, thought putting them here would make it easier to follow.

This series is called “it knows whats best” and its about some random topics, not sure what I was thinking back then.