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On Business: Writing The Book

My apologies to all the followers who expected to hear more about my business but could not. To be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to sharing my knowledge, but was worried about compromising my business edge, which was clearly not a valid concern.

The good news, however, is that I have decided to prepare a book to share my experiences about starting up a business. Unlike other books, it will not be about success, but about failure and the lessons learnt from such a valuable experience. It is not a part of my life that I regret, rather one that fills me with pride.

I will start preparing an outline and start a new blog with weekly, I hope, updates about my progress to test how useful an interesting this experience is for others. You will be posted about the details later.


On Egypt: Homo Sapiens Win Again

As everyone should know, some ignorant bloaks would not, yesterday 3 July 2013 marked the day the Muslim Brotherhood – a political organization with terrorist affiliations – were stripped from power and captured, to be delivered the the prisons they escaped from during the first revolution in Egypt this century.

What happened is a great thing for pretty much everyone. First of all, terrorist organizations – I do not use this term lightly – should not be given entire countries to rob and sack for their other fanatical, and often meaningless, fights. For the past year, during the reign of the neanderthals,  Egypt has suffered greatly. Not only were people, good people, getting killed, but crime rates have reached an all time high, considering the police have been dealt a severe blow and were incapable of doing their jobs. Fuel was being stolen and delivered to terrorist organizations such as Hamas to support whatever bloody endeavor they are engaging in. Money was being stolen from aid, a common practice even before the MB came in power. Deals to sell Egyptian land to other countries were being done. Basically, there is not a single decision or action that was taken for the improvement of the country or the alleviation of its people’s pain.

One food thing, however, emerged from this blindly tyrannical rule, the unification of the Egyptian people against a common enemy, the MB. For the firs time in the history of Egypt, the police, military and people acted as one. There was an incredible sense of organization between these three groups caused only by the love they held to their country, a love that none of them knew existed. After much sacrifice, diligence and time, Egypt has been, truly, freed. All of this happened in a peaceful manner which was executed in a near perfect manner with collaboration from all involved parties.

Now there are a few debates and ideas going around that what happened was not a good thing, specifically that it was a military coup – a term that is irrelevant and false considering that it was not an illegal act once it gained the support of the people. The truth is that nothing about the coming of the MB in power was legal. Most people who voted for them did so to avoid voting for the other candidate who was affiliated with the political power revolted against in 2011. The other group were a bunch of illiterate and poor people who sold their votes to the MB while not being able to comprehend the magnitude of their decision and how it would affect them. The MB also played the religion card which worked perfectly with the uneducated religious Egyptians who could not see through their lies.

Since lies have been mentioned, the MB have been lying since they came into the political scene. They organized the violence against the protesters in 2011 – the ones who they declared they were aiding – in order to manipulate the people into thinking that the violence was caused by the authorities, so that they could appear as heroes once they vanquished the system’s corrupt mercenaries. They had no problem in shedding the blood of innocents if it would give them but the slightest political leverage. Simply put, they were criminals who used religion as a weapon to manipulate the masses into being their army.

I said at first that this was a win for all people and not just Egyptians, let me explain why. Recently, there has been a tendency for governments to act in their own interests and view the people as nothing more than a tool. The truth is that governments have only one purpose, to protect and act in the common interest of their people, which ironically marches hand-in-hand with the interests of the world – thanks to globalization and the internet. When people see what happened in Egypt, how the corrupt and malevolent can be overthrown just with sheer will, they would know the power that they have, power that has been hidden from them for so long.

This post can go on for thousands of more pages, but I would like to end it with this note. Democracy is a flawed system and we, the human race, has known it for over 3,000 years. In Plato’s ‘Republic’, the shortcomings of democracies are thoroughly explained. In an ideal world, democracy would, possibly, be a good system of government, but we do not live in one such world. Without proper education for the masses, democracy is just another tool for the cunning to claim a throne.

I apologize if this post was a little of-topic from the usual ones. Have a good day/evening/night.

On Business: Competition Arising

As you guys know, I started a business about a year ago and it failed miserably. However, after assessing the situation and reasons behind our failure, we managed to pick ourselves up and plan a new and far better business model. Due to fear of having our idea stolen, a common scenario in internet-based businesses in Egypt, we decided to find a developer and a designer to add to the owner’s team.

With a strange twist of luck, we managed to find one person with both skills, adding a third to the owners/founders. Anyway, the site launch has been delayed about three months so far and is expected to be delayed another month at least. Unfortunately, a competitor had started penetrating the market and is currently threatening our unique idea. Further investigation lead us to believe that this is not such a bad thing because it shows that there is a current need for the market. Nevertheless, their resources are far more than ours.

The emergence of this competitor gave us a fright at first, but we continued to assess the situation until a positive course of action had been determined. We will ride their marketing wave by a stroke of luck (their slogan is our name) and work even harder to reach our loose deadline. The competition gave us the required boost to work even harder and speed the development/testing process.

As soon as the website launches I will make a post so that you would know what the hell I have been ranting about for a year. Good luck on whatever endeavor you are currently embarked on or intend to.

Amateur’s Political Philosophy

The only way to speak to a people is to use a language they understand.

Although I despise politics and talking about it, currently living in Egypt makes it hard not to be exposed to it at the moment. I am really against writing about it on this blog, but I felt that this message should be out there (even if it gets close to ZERO exposure).

To those whom are not following the current event in the region, the Arab countries have been suffering from a series of rippling revolutions and political instability since 2010. However, some countries have it easier than others. For example, Syria is currently suffering from an all out civil war between the Shi’ite and the Sunni, where the governing minority (Shi’ite) are utilizing the military to ethnically cleanse the opposing revolutionists. My interpretation is hugely different than what is reported on the news, but I really think that this is the main reason for the conflict and why it is lasting so long.

Other Arab countries are currently suffering from different forms of  political instability. However, I try to expose myself to as little media as possible regarding the region’s politics to reduce my stress levels (caused by anger and frustration at what the human race has come to be). I am incapable of watching the news or other talk shows because it makes me shake with anger.

Ever since the Muslim Brotherhood made an appearance in the political scene, I have worried about the fate of everyone in the region. These people are simply barbaric parasites which manifest themselves in societies and use religion as a tool to sway the imbecile masses. I hope that I’m conveying my feelings about those corrupted bastards properly. Please understand that I am completely against politicizing religion or even making it public.

Anyway, the pests (MB) somehow managed to gain a great deal of influence and power over the short period following the other corrupt regime (basically over 95% of people who ever held power are corrupt and disgraceful). At first, they had a great deal of influence and support among the masses. Their tactics were to make promises that would please them and bribe people into liking them or voting for them. They also managed to send preachers in mosques to persuade the uneducated and ignorant with their inhumane cause. All of their promises were lies, some even don’t make any sense. They corrupted their way into writing a new constitution (which was flawed up the ass) that very few people agreed on and forged the voting process. Then they broke the rules that they themselves put. Even though I studied Psychology, I have no fucking clue what that is about.

The only two logical reasons that explain their current action are the following: (1) to hold an international position that would allow them to make a great deal of money very quickly by borrowing on behalf of the country and escaping later, leaving the country in debt and taking the money themselves; or (2) to crush the people and force them to increase the political instability. Either ways, the country is getting fucked.

The whole point of this brief and possibly nonsensical summary is to somehow document and share my twisted ideas about the situation. I used to believe that violence was a tool used by the primitive and ignorant human being, but my recent past led me to believe otherwise. Serving in the military during the revolution made me realize that human rights is not a given and should really be conditional. Why the fuck would I grant a serial killer and rapist any rights? Why would I allow ones who cause so much distress and suffering a way out of their personal fuck-ups? Is it not easier and more logical to just execute those whom threaten the innocent and benevolent? I truly thought about those questions with understanding to parts of both arguments – agree and disagree. However, after being smacked with constant updates about the current situation, I truly believe that the Egyptian society had not evolved to a degree where civility in dealing with certain people is an option.

The thing that inspired me to write this post was the unbelievable naivety of the MB’s opposition. People are gathering in tens of thousands all around Egypt to protest against the godless leaders (I truly believe that the MB are godless or seriously misunderstand the concept of God, not that I am the most enlightened person or even close). Most protesters believe in non-violent demonstrations. Nevertheless, the police have banded with the fucking MB to terrorize and kill these non-violent protesters. They justify their acts as a reaction to some minority thugs. I believe that the time for non-violence is over. It is time for people to show what they are capable of when angered. If the violence remains one-sided, all the innocent protesters will end up dead for nothing. What happened to the days where revolutions came with the brutal cleansing of the oppressive leaders? What happened to the days where the streets soiled in the blood of the unjust and corrupt? What happened to the days where evil got punished and good rewarded?

I am truly disturbed by what my beliefs have come to be. What my hard-worked civility had come to be. How cold-hearted and angry I have become. How much I have fallen from the grace of peace and into the abyss of violence. I tried to be able to forget and forgive, but I failed this time.

And this is not it. I never felt that I belonged to Egypt, even though I had served this country with blood and sweat. The anger I feel is not because the Egyptian people are being mistreated, but because people are being mistreated. I truly loath when humans mistreat each other. I truly loath when animals or plants are abuses. I do not understand why it is impossible for people to refrain from causing pain to each other and help one another instead. However, there is one thing that I understand better than all others around me – and it has to be true. Most uneducated people tend to behave like animals instead of humans (I am not talking about formal education, but education in being human). The only way to understand the situation in Egypt is to watch animal planet or discovery. The case is a very simple case of natural selection, one where nature favors the primitive.

Just to clarify a few things about me. I am a Muslim who doesn’t pray or even believe in it. I have nothing against anyone that is pure of heart and kind. I have absolutely nothing against Jews. I do not believe in the splitting of religions to sects as anything more than a political tool. I do not believe in preaching and or interfering with other people’s beliefs. The only spiritual thing that I believe in is the fact that your conscience (took me a good ten minutes to spell that word) speaks to you and informs you if your action is a good or bad one. I believe that the men and women are equal (if not then the woman should be held in higher regards) I also believe in science and logic.

It actually feels good to have written this chaotic post which was fueled by nothing more than anger and frustration. Although I doubt anyone would bother read this or comment on it, I would be more than happy to oblige to your reported curiosities.

Peace out.