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On Business: Writing The Book

My apologies to all the followers who expected to hear more about my business but could not. To be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to sharing my knowledge, but was worried about compromising my business edge, which was clearly not a valid concern.

The good news, however, is that I have decided to prepare a book to share my experiences about starting up a business. Unlike other books, it will not be about success, but about failure and the lessons learnt from such a valuable experience. It is not a part of my life that I regret, rather one that fills me with pride.

I will start preparing an outline and start a new blog with weekly, I hope, updates about my progress to test how useful an interesting this experience is for others. You will be posted about the details later.


On Writing: And Other Things

So I have been having a fair amount of stimulating discussions lately, and one of them was about the purpose of being (raison d’etre). The actual discussion I am referring to was not, however, about writing, but it resonated well when I generalized it to the craft.

This particular conversation, like most great ones, was held in a coffee-shop. A friend was interested in starting-up an innovative business related to the fashion industry. She kept talking to me about her idea and explained it in great detail, delving deep into many topics and concepts I had no idea about, but it all then eventually rippled up to one question.

She was reluctant about it, but had an untapped passion within her that was only kept hidden because of uncertainty, as most of us tend to do, and her main driver was not financial, rather it was social. She wanted to do something that would help others break free from social man-made bonds in a manner that was subtle, yet not to the extend of ineffectiveness.

Now, dear readers, I have discovered a common element found in all great writers (and entrepreneurs too), they write not to earn money or stroke their ego, but to change the world.