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Looking for book reviewers

Hey, I’m looking for someone to review my fantasy book Book of Kayal: Strength of Unity. Send me an email on if you’re interested and I’ll send you a free copy.


On Cartography: Book V Preliminary Map

Preliminary map

Preliminary map

On Cartography: Minor Edits


‘Book of Kayal’ Nosgard, aka Imperial Continent.OO

On Cartography: A Little More Experimentation

Added Sea color

Added Sea color

Another country in the series 'Book of Kayal'

Another country in the series ‘Book of Kayal’

On Cartography: Mountains and Rivers

On Cartography: Mountains and Rivers

Second attempt at making mountains.

On Cartography: Book of Kayal World

Book of Kayal Series Map

Book of Kayal Series Map

Third Book Map

Third Book Map

Not sure if I like this one. The map itself is ok, but the other decorations feel off.

My Fantasy Book’s Map

My Fantasy Book's Map

Spent the whole day working on this