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On Thinking: Types of People

If every person was to be asked how many different types of people existed, an infinite exponentially increasing number of responses would be derived. Even if this process was given to a select few, it would continue to yield different results in time due to the ever-changing nature of the human mind. Be that the case, there would never be one true way of splitting people into types which could be attributed to conclusive and specific non-physical features. In other words, one can easily differentiate between the color of skin or shape of eyes, but if you take all the slightest differences present within one specific feature, an endless spectrum of possibilities would be derived.

To simplify matters, there is no one perfect and absolute way of categorizing people down to the most basic details, due to the ever-increasing complexity of this already complex structure scientifically known as Homo-Sapien-Sapien.


Amateur’s Political Philosophy

The only way to speak to a people is to use a language they understand.

Although I despise politics and talking about it, currently living in Egypt makes it hard not to be exposed to it at the moment. I am really against writing about it on this blog, but I felt that this message should be out there (even if it gets close to ZERO exposure).

To those whom are not following the current event in the region, the Arab countries have been suffering from a series of rippling revolutions and political instability since 2010. However, some countries have it easier than others. For example, Syria is currently suffering from an all out civil war between the Shi’ite and the Sunni, where the governing minority (Shi’ite) are utilizing the military to ethnically cleanse the opposing revolutionists. My interpretation is hugely different than what is reported on the news, but I really think that this is the main reason for the conflict and why it is lasting so long.

Other Arab countries are currently suffering from different forms of  political instability. However, I try to expose myself to as little media as possible regarding the region’s politics to reduce my stress levels (caused by anger and frustration at what the human race has come to be). I am incapable of watching the news or other talk shows because it makes me shake with anger.

Ever since the Muslim Brotherhood made an appearance in the political scene, I have worried about the fate of everyone in the region. These people are simply barbaric parasites which manifest themselves in societies and use religion as a tool to sway the imbecile masses. I hope that I’m conveying my feelings about those corrupted bastards properly. Please understand that I am completely against politicizing religion or even making it public.

Anyway, the pests (MB) somehow managed to gain a great deal of influence and power over the short period following the other corrupt regime (basically over 95% of people who ever held power are corrupt and disgraceful). At first, they had a great deal of influence and support among the masses. Their tactics were to make promises that would please them and bribe people into liking them or voting for them. They also managed to send preachers in mosques to persuade the uneducated and ignorant with their inhumane cause. All of their promises were lies, some even don’t make any sense. They corrupted their way into writing a new constitution (which was flawed up the ass) that very few people agreed on and forged the voting process. Then they broke the rules that they themselves put. Even though I studied Psychology, I have no fucking clue what that is about.

The only two logical reasons that explain their current action are the following: (1) to hold an international position that would allow them to make a great deal of money very quickly by borrowing on behalf of the country and escaping later, leaving the country in debt and taking the money themselves; or (2) to crush the people and force them to increase the political instability. Either ways, the country is getting fucked.

The whole point of this brief and possibly nonsensical summary is to somehow document and share my twisted ideas about the situation. I used to believe that violence was a tool used by the primitive and ignorant human being, but my recent past led me to believe otherwise. Serving in the military during the revolution made me realize that human rights is not a given and should really be conditional. Why the fuck would I grant a serial killer and rapist any rights? Why would I allow ones who cause so much distress and suffering a way out of their personal fuck-ups? Is it not easier and more logical to just execute those whom threaten the innocent and benevolent? I truly thought about those questions with understanding to parts of both arguments – agree and disagree. However, after being smacked with constant updates about the current situation, I truly believe that the Egyptian society had not evolved to a degree where civility in dealing with certain people is an option.

The thing that inspired me to write this post was the unbelievable naivety of the MB’s opposition. People are gathering in tens of thousands all around Egypt to protest against the godless leaders (I truly believe that the MB are godless or seriously misunderstand the concept of God, not that I am the most enlightened person or even close). Most protesters believe in non-violent demonstrations. Nevertheless, the police have banded with the fucking MB to terrorize and kill these non-violent protesters. They justify their acts as a reaction to some minority thugs. I believe that the time for non-violence is over. It is time for people to show what they are capable of when angered. If the violence remains one-sided, all the innocent protesters will end up dead for nothing. What happened to the days where revolutions came with the brutal cleansing of the oppressive leaders? What happened to the days where the streets soiled in the blood of the unjust and corrupt? What happened to the days where evil got punished and good rewarded?

I am truly disturbed by what my beliefs have come to be. What my hard-worked civility had come to be. How cold-hearted and angry I have become. How much I have fallen from the grace of peace and into the abyss of violence. I tried to be able to forget and forgive, but I failed this time.

And this is not it. I never felt that I belonged to Egypt, even though I had served this country with blood and sweat. The anger I feel is not because the Egyptian people are being mistreated, but because people are being mistreated. I truly loath when humans mistreat each other. I truly loath when animals or plants are abuses. I do not understand why it is impossible for people to refrain from causing pain to each other and help one another instead. However, there is one thing that I understand better than all others around me – and it has to be true. Most uneducated people tend to behave like animals instead of humans (I am not talking about formal education, but education in being human). The only way to understand the situation in Egypt is to watch animal planet or discovery. The case is a very simple case of natural selection, one where nature favors the primitive.

Just to clarify a few things about me. I am a Muslim who doesn’t pray or even believe in it. I have nothing against anyone that is pure of heart and kind. I have absolutely nothing against Jews. I do not believe in the splitting of religions to sects as anything more than a political tool. I do not believe in preaching and or interfering with other people’s beliefs. The only spiritual thing that I believe in is the fact that your conscience (took me a good ten minutes to spell that word) speaks to you and informs you if your action is a good or bad one. I believe that the men and women are equal (if not then the woman should be held in higher regards) I also believe in science and logic.

It actually feels good to have written this chaotic post which was fueled by nothing more than anger and frustration. Although I doubt anyone would bother read this or comment on it, I would be more than happy to oblige to your reported curiosities.

Peace out.

On Human Nature

I’ve been thinking about recent global events, political and economical and I still don’t understand why, why does our greed and lust for power blinds us from being….simply good, why does it have to be this way, war, theft, and crime in generally.

Until we learn to accept what we need and work toward it, it and nothing more, we will always have a disappointing world, I truly believe that none of us will live long enough to see the human race ascend to a higher awareness, to acquire a sense of preservation and respect for our world.

Till that day, however, I remain disappointed with the human race, including myself for not being able to change it.

On Humans: The Animal Nature

Did you ever wounder why this world is full of hate and war? Well the hate I cannot say that I will mention, but the wars, well we make war just for the same reasons animals attack each others, conflicting needs, both on a short-term and long-term bases.

I was watching National Geographic the other day and a show about lions was on, one of the scenes had a couple of male lions fighting over territory, the victor got to keep the pride and be their dominant male (or whatever terminology applies to felines), apparently lions cannot survive for long by themselves, and the chances of survival for the outcast male was very slim.

Another show had a scene where a panther and an anaconda met, they seemed to just stumble upon each other. In most cases where animal just cross paths nothing interesting really happens, however, this wasn’t on of those ‘most cases’, the panther and the anaconda had a fight, and eventually the panther managed to kill the giant snake and left its carcass to rot (not taking a single bite).

Finally, when bears and wolves come across one another, they try to kill each other, unless the pack or bear decides to flee or that the risk of injury is too great and the fight is not worth potentially sustaining such injuries.

By now you probably are wondering what the hell am I ranting about, the truth is that all these scenarios are caused by the exact same reason, need. Most animals have one or two basic needs, food and shelter, humans, on the other hand, have other needs that seem less necessary, but are equally important.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs classify human needs into seven needs, basic, security, social, esteem,  and self-actualization. In this pyramid, the first need must be satisfied for the second to exist and so on, notice that, in essence, no need is more important that the other once its satisfied.

Unlike animals, our needs range far more then food, water and territory, some of us want wealth, power or any other abstract and seemingly irrelevant wants (although they are needs). Basically, this supports my belief that regardless of all our cognitive development, we are still animals and have a lot to learn about being civil.

Do not forget that we are only humans and are prone to mistakes, the true shameful and unforgivable act is to forget our nature and stop thinking of ways to improve ourselves while embracing our nature.

An Old Post: The Human (An Egocentric Being)

This was written on Thursday 15 January 2009,

Have you ever noticed that you are much more egocentric than you would like to be? Well don’t beat yourself about it, everyone is like that.

Let’s think about improvement, bearing into consideration this hedonistic characteristic humans naturally inherit.

In order for you to continue to improve you would first need to acknowledge this trait of yours and see how it affects your decisions, understand it further, then you should observe this behavior in other people you socialize with, most of these people will be egocentric but not realize it and that is an unimpressive characteristic.

On the other hand, if you would be entirely altruistic and put others before you, you won’t get that far in life, missing opportunities for self improvement to help others, this is unadvisable, and it is simply not natural.

Its answer to this predicament is to embrace your nature and understand it, this applies to all of your seemingly darker traits, discover and acquaint yourself to your inner animal, but don’t let it take control, good luck.

An Old Post: Continuation On Social Darwinism

This was written on Tuesday 13 January 2009,

Good….Evil….both are concepts widely misused to be convenient for our purposes, think about it for a moment and you will realize that almost all the time the victors tend to be viewed as the “good guys” except for a few “glitches” such as Hannibal Barka from Carthage.

The truth is that both these concepts are nonexistent, such as time, they are creations by man to facilitate the explanation of other things.

Unlike time though, good and evil have been created to help us justify otherwise unjustifiable acts such as say killing, stealing and the such, when you come to think of it somehow Social Darwinism explains it in a more logical way, think of the individual and the group as one unit which differs only in size, eventually there will be confrontation and a sort of competition between different units over scarce resources such as land, food or water.

Because most people ignorantly believe in the notion that man is naturally “Good” they cannot come to terms with doing what is necessary to survive without somehow justifying it to themselves.

End of the day, good and evil are concepts that have been developed to the convenience of the social unit, there is no good, there is no evil….Think of history and try to view it without the notion of these misguiding concepts and see the true nature of man, man is only superior to animals in destructive power, good luck.

An Old Post: It Talks About Social Darwinism

This was written on Monday 12 January 2009,

Which is more important the individual or the group?

Throughout history this question has been debated countless times, directly (Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Plato) or indirectly (Gandhi, Hitler, Alexander the Great), entire cultures were based on the notion of the collective group or individual achievements, some say that history is made by the individual and others say it is a collaborative effort by a group of people.

That’s all nice to hear, read and see but leaves little explained, in order for It to properly address this question two hypothetical extreme societies will be introduced.

Let’s assume that there are two societies, one that relies on specialization of work (Everything from gathering food to building) and the other culture has individuals that provide themselves with all their basic needs, for ease of reference the first society will be called Gasists and the second Niets.

The Gasist society would have relatively improved productivity over their neighbors and a naturally close familial culture where there would be high morals and laws of conduct with little stress on individual achievement and more on the community advancement, there would be no significant difference between the strong and the weak and a relatively high population that is generally peaceful.

As for their not so noble kin, the Niet society would be filled with corruption and immorality where the strong flourish and the weak perish, there would be a high level of devotion to the individual’s improvement from every possible aspect, physically to protect oneself and intellectually to be able to deceive and avoid deception.

Naturally the latter would have a much lower population but stronger and generally better individuals.

Now it is easy to grasp the concept of the individual or the collectivity, which is better? On one hand a hostile race of survivors are molded and on the other hand a peace and caring race of group workers are borne.

Take a moment to think about which is best…. The truth is that neither is better then the other, it all depends on the circumstances and most importantly natural resources.

The harsher the living conditions the closer we come to rely on the law of natural selection, the thinner the line of what is right and wrong and the more the shades of grey.

Ideally one should focus on constant self-improvement in a prudent manner, every step is to be thought about diligently and a strong bound loyalty should be established among a chosen few where trust can prevail, after all, the whole is greater than the sum of the part, so increase the size of the parts and the harmony by which they function, good luck.