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On Philosophy: Where Am I and Where to Go?

I often ask myself: ‘Who do I want to become?’ and start listing the many things about myself that I want to change. This exercise ends up taking the whole day and providing an unimaginably long list of characteristic and behavioral attributes that need improvement, or change altogether.

Then a simple task becomes somewhat of an obsession that appears in everything I see; every conversation I hear; every smell that makes its way into my nose; every spec of dust that touches my skin; and every exotic taste that finds itself on my tongue. It takes over most of my thoughts, thankfully without hindering my functionality.

It is, I have to say, an exhilarating experience to purposefully go through this life-changing process of awareness. But, unfortunately, it does not leave me without more questions and on a clear path to whereas I want to go. And it often makes me wonder: ‘Am I happy with who I have become?’ The second question, however, usually leaves me more tryst.

Today, thought, was special, and I found myself, for the very first time, with an answer to my second self-inquiry: ‘I am happy with who I have become because there is still so much to do. And that means that I am alive and have a reason to continue on living; it means that, for now, there is purpose in my life.’


It takes me a while to prepare this new year resolution thing

I have to say that since the new millennium I have been taking my resolutions very seriously, rarely failing to achieve them. The trick, however, is not of my overly-diligent nature, but realism. Your goals have to be SMART, as per the notorious misters George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham. SMART is simply an acronym for: Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Timely.

Anyway, I would highly recommend you to try setting goals based on these five criteria and you should not limit it only to new years. So what if you fail at meeting them? Just pick yourself up and try again next year or maybe before that.

For this year my goals are: learn to comfortably speak Turkish; write an additional 600,000 words, bringing my total over 1,000,000; and venture beyond my comfort zone.

On Life: Halted

I have not been able to write my min 1,000 words a day for the past 4 days due to my laptop’s decision to breakdown. It is natural to expect such inconveniences in life once in a while. This, along with a streak of other inconveniences, made me remember a saying one of my professors used to say: ‘When it goes wrong, it goes wrong.’

In other words, sometimes things got wrong and there is nothing you can do about it, and no contingency plan would save you regardless of how meticulous and flawless it had been prepared.

Anyway, I managed to personally disassemble my laptop and look into the situation more thoroughly, something which I enjoy doing a great deal, and located the issue which was easily addressed thereafter.

This experience made me realize a few things about myself, and the path which I chose for my life so far. However, one thing stood out above all others: how productive it is for one to start working/producing immediately after waking up.

Being free from time constraints set by others, I slowly allowed my day to start later and later, until it started at two in the afternoon. Nevertheless, although it seems like a nice way to live, it is a rather unfavorable one which dramatically reduces the amount of things you can accomplish per day.

I still don’t understand why I, and most other people, am more productive when I start my day early, in spite of being awake for the same number of hours, but this seems to be the case.

On Writing: Outline

Working on my second book while I attempt to forget the first one, to properly prepare for the third draft. For my second book, I decided to start with an outline. Not an easy feat as I constantly hold back from writing the entire chapter. So far, the outline makes the story-line flow seem more logical and well thought. Details such as conversations and hidden messages will be left to the chapter itself.

Keep it up folks.

On Exercise: New Regiment

As with all my posts, It has been a while since I updated my exercise-related threads.

Last time I stopped, the program followed by me was strong lifts. After a grueling six months of following this strict exercise regiment, not worrying too much about food, I gained a total of over 15 Kgs – about 32 lbs. 

It is inadvisable to continue with the same regiment for over three months, based on personal experience. However, since I did not reach my plateau by the end of the first three months, I decided to go on for another three months. 

After strong lifts, I followed no specific exercise routine. Switching between weight lifting, cardio and calisthenics, I managed to maintain my gains rather well. The next routine I intend to go on with, by 1st January 2013, is a calisthenics based routine. I will rotate between different exercises and adding weights to limit my last set count to less than 8 reps. Considering the large numbers of reps I can pull in un-weighted sets, I will have to add a significant amount of weights.

I estimate that the downside for this would be the reduced stress on cardio, as my calisthenics exercises have reached a point where its a cardio routine. However, I intend to supplement the routine with daily cardio before or after exercising, depending on my energy levels during the workout.

Keep it pumping.

On Business: Update on The Store

Well, I completely forgot to inform you guys on the progress with ‘The Store’, for those few who were interested in it.

After four months of operating, we decided to move into a new office. We originally planned to prepare for the new opening n one month – prepare the office and new website. However, we underestimated the time which it required us to prepare and drained our capital, over a grueling period of four months.

Fortunately, the purpose of the first phase was to give us an idea about the current market, it was a marketing research phase. After acquiring enough evidence that our concept is needed, most importantly, and profitable, we decided to proceed with the second phase.

Due to mismanagement from my part, my partner and I were forced into a complete re-branding of ‘The Store’. The business plan has been redesigned to minimize costs, while slightly reducing profits. However, the profit margin has been increased significantly.

I am not at complete liberty to disclose on further details of the project yet. As my small business picks up and stabilizes, I will disclose more and more details regarding the process and phases.

Just some advice for any new entrepreneurs, do not expect success with no failure. And try to find a part-time job or full-time job that does not require all of your time while setting up a business and trying it out.

Good luck to you all folk.

Simple Reminders

I know I have been off for a while but life has been very eventful as of late.

In a moment of clarity I realized that everyday, with no exceptions, I get faced with choices of doing the right thing or the easy thing. I am trying to make it a habit to go for whats right and not whats easy and, thankfully, I have been on a good streak lately.

Try doing the right thing once, even if it takes you out of your way or if it contradicts what you want, you will not regret it. You will find yourself faced with these choices on a daily bases and doing the right think will always pay off, these simple reminders truly makes life much more enjoyable.

On Human Nature

I’ve been thinking about recent global events, political and economical and I still don’t understand why, why does our greed and lust for power blinds us from being….simply good, why does it have to be this way, war, theft, and crime in generally.

Until we learn to accept what we need and work toward it, it and nothing more, we will always have a disappointing world, I truly believe that none of us will live long enough to see the human race ascend to a higher awareness, to acquire a sense of preservation and respect for our world.

Till that day, however, I remain disappointed with the human race, including myself for not being able to change it.

On Thoughs

I’ve been thinking about the sacrifices that people make in these difficult days where I am, and so far I feel that they are all in vain, people lost their lives for the improvement of others’ lives, others that don’t understand these sacrifices and shun them.

After a lot of thinking and contemplation I came up with the following conclusion, to loose ones life for an idea to improve others’ is heroic, yet to live with the purpose of doing so is greatness.

On Business: Question for the Managers

As some of you know, I’m starting a set of new businesses, yes there are more then one now, and was wondering how you choose to manage your employees, this question is not only addressed to managers, but employees as well or, basically, just anyone reading this post.

Please let me know what characteristics you think a great or good manager has, and what type of company you would like to work in.