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On Writing: Finally a Chance

Last time I worked on completing my current story was four months ago. I have, however, been editing it as best as my abilities would allow.

The module-type outlines I have been experimenting with proved to be fairly well in keeping me motivated and in allowing the story to maintain its coherence. While I finished outlining and writing the first three parts, the fourth, and last, part was completely blank. This, nevertheless, was not a hindrance to me continuing the story. In fact, it was possibly a great thing considering that it allowed me to think thorough the ending of the story and not rush it.

What I noticed though was that the passing of time and me writing academic and business pieces instead of literature, due to my current studies, made my writing style differ significantly. Overall it was an improvement, but it did make it more difficult to maintain my fantasy writing style. Perhaps it would be a great asset in writing science fiction, considering that the language is less archaic and more scientific, but this notion remains untested at the moment.

I believe that the modulated outline method was a success to me and that without it the chance of me finishing a story that has been left untouched for 4 months would be fairly slim.