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On Business: PL=B

‘Hey, I’m going to a coffee shop now. Care to join me?’

‘What you going for? Just chilling or you got some work you would rather do in a social setting?’

“I got to work on my thesis. I can pick you up in five.’

‘Alright then. Pick me up.’

<Hang up>

I have been having these conversations ever since I quit my 9-5 job. Unless there is a specific social event where I am expected, I do not simply go out. Like all entrepreneurs  I have reached a level where my (Private Life) = (Business), and I just came to realize this as I was showering ten minutes ago.

I currently have no job, no money and only a hopeful idea that keeps me trying to make it work. My partners and I can easily blame the current political and economical situation, but we refuse to acknowledge being helpless. We have a brilliant idea and a team of three with the required skills and talents to make it work. I just feel its future success in my guts!

Unless I had not researched the entrepreneurial journey of other business starters, I would have not been so keen and hopeful about the future regarding my baby. Besides, if we fail this time, then at least we learnt something.

To whoever is having a tough time starting anything -business or not – try to look for writings or testimonies of others which had tried the same thing you are attempting. This should give you the necessary boost to continue on with your plight. However, do not forget that some ideas seem good, but are truly catastrophes waiting to happen.