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On Writing: And Other Things

So I have been having a fair amount of stimulating discussions lately, and one of them was about the purpose of being (raison d’etre). The actual discussion I am referring to was not, however, about writing, but it resonated well when I generalized it to the craft.

This particular conversation, like most great ones, was held in a coffee-shop. A friend was interested in starting-up an innovative business related to the fashion industry. She kept talking to me about her idea and explained it in great detail, delving deep into many topics and concepts I had no idea about, but it all then eventually rippled up to one question.

She was reluctant about it, but had an untapped passion within her that was only kept hidden because of uncertainty, as most of us tend to do, and her main driver was not financial, rather it was social. She wanted to do something that would help others break free from social man-made bonds in a manner that was subtle, yet not to the extend of ineffectiveness.

Now, dear readers, I have discovered a common element found in all great writers (and entrepreneurs too), they write not to earn money or stroke their ego, but to change the world.



On Writing: Philosophical Message of Book V

If you ask yourself ‘what is the purpose in life’, then, by default, your purpose in life, currently, is to find one.

I often like to start my books/parts/chapters with mystical quotes of the mind that I come across while exploring life. I think this is among the best ones I have come up with so far.

On Philosophy: Where Am I and Where to Go?

I often ask myself: ‘Who do I want to become?’ and start listing the many things about myself that I want to change. This exercise ends up taking the whole day and providing an unimaginably long list of characteristic and behavioral attributes that need improvement, or change altogether.

Then a simple task becomes somewhat of an obsession that appears in everything I see; every conversation I hear; every smell that makes its way into my nose; every spec of dust that touches my skin; and every exotic taste that finds itself on my tongue. It takes over most of my thoughts, thankfully without hindering my functionality.

It is, I have to say, an exhilarating experience to purposefully go through this life-changing process of awareness. But, unfortunately, it does not leave me without more questions and on a clear path to whereas I want to go. And it often makes me wonder: ‘Am I happy with who I have become?’ The second question, however, usually leaves me more tryst.

Today, thought, was special, and I found myself, for the very first time, with an answer to my second self-inquiry: ‘I am happy with who I have become because there is still so much to do. And that means that I am alive and have a reason to continue on living; it means that, for now, there is purpose in my life.’

Bleak Reality and Blessed Outcome: An Essay

Sometimes we go through experiences that leave us with questions such as: “Why is this happening to me?” and it feels that life has somewhat turned on us and nothing goes the way we want. It is this sheer resistance that breaks or makes people, depending on how much they can take and to what degree they are willing to adapt.

But these events, although it pains me to say, are an inevitability of reality. They are the core of what we call life and existence. And if you have lived through life for a couple of decades or more without experiencing such events, then you have been living in a bubble sheltering you from this truth.

This desperation, however, should not be cause for alarm; rather it should be celebrated as an opportunity for growth and development. It might be a difficult thing to realize at the time, but when it passes and the subjective emotions associated with a bleak event wither away with the medicine of time, we find ourselves in a position to view the matter in a different light, a constructive light.

There is no reason to linger in hurtful pasts or allow thoughts of deceased actions to haunt our memories and become embodied in unrealistic fears. There is, nevertheless, great cause to shift focus to the future and open your mind to an influx of life-improving knowledge and curiosity.

Once this state of mind is achieved, and experienced at least once, even for a fraction of a second, in its purest form, fear, anger, negativity and all the other barriers to growth subside and any unpleasant experience morphs into an exciting adventure. It is almost a spiritual matter made possible by curiosity and thought.

Then the question: “Why is this happening to me?” becomes: “Why is this happening?” and we lose all what holds us back from ascending beyond animals of logic. We then gain the opportunity and privilege to become animals of knowledge then, with a great deal of constructive thought and experience, we gain yet another opportunity to ascend further into the realm of wisdom.

There must be a thousand and one ways, or more, to prepare for such exhilarating journey, but they all start the same way. They all start with a spark of curiosity which brings upon an insatiable hunger for information and a constant life-long pursuit for knowledge.

Curiosity about oneself is a marvelous way to start this journey, for there is an infinite amount of things that we do not know about ourselves and have no idea how to begin to explore. Each person is different and no accurate generalizations can be made to assess who we really are, as individuals of course.

Among the many activities that can be done to explore this inner being hiding within the shell of our socially-conditioned self are hobbies, for they provide a key to one of the portals leading into our inner-most thoughts and suppressed desires. And that, I strongly believe, is the reason why most good artists are perceived as peculiar; because they know themselves better than the ones around them and accept their true identity to the extent that they proudly and openly recognize it.

But simply exploring yourself is not enough, you should extend the search to exploring others and identifying their true selves rather than the projected ones. Then you would not only learn more about these other individuals and their societies, but about yourself as well, for part of you is the summation of reflections of others about you.

With enough comfort exploring the unknown, you would start to see patterns linking past and current events with one another. These patterns pave the way towards wisdom, which many would agree is the ability to make proper use of knowledge, and towards a more content self.

A new need would then arise and manifest itself among the basic needs, sustenance and shelter, the need for development through knowledge.

On Thinking: Types of People

If every person was to be asked how many different types of people existed, an infinite exponentially increasing number of responses would be derived. Even if this process was given to a select few, it would continue to yield different results in time due to the ever-changing nature of the human mind. Be that the case, there would never be one true way of splitting people into types which could be attributed to conclusive and specific non-physical features. In other words, one can easily differentiate between the color of skin or shape of eyes, but if you take all the slightest differences present within one specific feature, an endless spectrum of possibilities would be derived.

To simplify matters, there is no one perfect and absolute way of categorizing people down to the most basic details, due to the ever-increasing complexity of this already complex structure scientifically known as Homo-Sapien-Sapien.

Simple Reminders

I know I have been off for a while but life has been very eventful as of late.

In a moment of clarity I realized that everyday, with no exceptions, I get faced with choices of doing the right thing or the easy thing. I am trying to make it a habit to go for whats right and not whats easy and, thankfully, I have been on a good streak lately.

Try doing the right thing once, even if it takes you out of your way or if it contradicts what you want, you will not regret it. You will find yourself faced with these choices on a daily bases and doing the right think will always pay off, these simple reminders truly makes life much more enjoyable.

On Human Nature

I’ve been thinking about recent global events, political and economical and I still don’t understand why, why does our greed and lust for power blinds us from being….simply good, why does it have to be this way, war, theft, and crime in generally.

Until we learn to accept what we need and work toward it, it and nothing more, we will always have a disappointing world, I truly believe that none of us will live long enough to see the human race ascend to a higher awareness, to acquire a sense of preservation and respect for our world.

Till that day, however, I remain disappointed with the human race, including myself for not being able to change it.

On Thoughs

I’ve been thinking about the sacrifices that people make in these difficult days where I am, and so far I feel that they are all in vain, people lost their lives for the improvement of others’ lives, others that don’t understand these sacrifices and shun them.

After a lot of thinking and contemplation I came up with the following conclusion, to loose ones life for an idea to improve others’ is heroic, yet to live with the purpose of doing so is greatness.

On Business: Question for the Managers

As some of you know, I’m starting a set of new businesses, yes there are more then one now, and was wondering how you choose to manage your employees, this question is not only addressed to managers, but employees as well or, basically, just anyone reading this post.

Please let me know what characteristics you think a great or good manager has, and what type of company you would like to work in.

A Message from Someone….or Something

I was walking down the street yesterday after a good morning’s exercise and I saw something that can potentially and fundamentally confuse a whole ton of us that have been affected by stereotyping, and it came to me….this was a message from a higher entity telling me that we can all get along.

You are probably wondering what the hell is it I saw, well I was a pigeon, 2 dogs and around 6 cats relaxing in an area of 2 meters squared, they seemed incredibly relaxed next to each other, there was no sense of threat among any of the animals, they were truly at peace.

So how come that 3 different species can get along peacefully and one can’t, how come different animals can have peace between them and humans can’t, we still have a lot to learn before calling ourselves civilized.