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On Writing and Exercise: Traveling Disruptions

I have been traveling a lot lately and its taking a toll over my hard-established routines. Exercising has been at its worst since I can recall and writing has suffered severely. However, all this time on planes and in airports made me read far more then I used to, simply because there is nothing else to do. I will find a way to cope and let you guys know about it as soon as possible.


On Exercise: Injuries

I have been getting injured while working out a lot lately and finally figured out why. It is crucial for one to either refrain from heavy exercise or interrupted routines. This, of course, might seem a little off to you.

Generally speaking, when you keep a regular exercise schedule your body reaches a point where it is used to the strain. Your muscles become tensed and your metabolism boosts to account for the damage caused by exercising. Additionally, you sleep soundly. When this schedule is interrupted for a long enough period of time, your body relaxes, but not your perception of how much it can handle. I have been easing off for a while now, not following any particular routine or exercising as diligently as I used to, yet I maintained the same level of effort during my sessions. This, in turn, caused me to frequently get injured because my body did not get a chance to slowly return to its formal capabilities. Basically, there is no balance between eat, rest, sleep and training.

There are two ways these unfortunate and uncalled for injuries can be avoided, based on testing various methods of coping. The first is to keep a regular strict schedule and refrain from sudden increments in your routine. Meaning that you would not jump from squatting 100 lbs to squatting 150 lbs in a few days. The second is to increase your warm-up and stretching time to make sure your body is fully prepared for rigorous exercise. During your warm up, however, you should be patient and avoid exhausting yourself prematurely. The purpose here is not to train, but to prepare for training, both mind and body.

Injuries can be annoying and prevent you from exercising regularly or negatively impact your personal life. Fortunately they can be avoided with a little care and discipline.

On Exercise: Interesting Observation

I went to the gym today and realized something rather odd. Apparently, the only reason I listen to music during my workouts is because I really despise the type of gay-ass music gyms are so fond of. There was no music on today and I enjoyed the hell out of it, I also found a great deal of motivation in the sound of iron clashing and hitting the floor.

On Exercise: Goals

Ever since I can remember (not that long ago), exercise has been an integral part of my life and definition as a human being. However, lately I stopped exercising regularly or as regularly as I used to. Following a strict power-lifter routine for six months made me gain a tremendous amount of weight as I buffed up, but it also had its disadvantages. My food intake had increased significantly as I have put on more than 15 Kg. I also sustained a minor back injury from doing barbell rows in the wrong for (not doing those anymore). Two months ago I decided to take a short break for few weeks to recover completely, and I did. After winter kicked in here – yes, it comes a little late – I found my motivational levels dropping to the ground. Additionally, I started writing and reading a great deal and my getting busy with work, which conveniently started flaring up.

Anyway, today I woke up and I realized for the first time that I simply cannot to to the gym. It is a foreign feeling to me, one which I had never experienced before. After giving it a little though, I realized that I had not been setting an exercising goals since I finished this power-lifting routine and it caused me to procrastinate. Being swarmed with work or an exciting hobby is no reason to put opp exercising neither is it useful for increasing one’s productivity. Unless you set clear goals regarding exercising, your motivational levels will keep dwindling until they are left no more.