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On Writing: Outline Deviation

So I prepared an outline for the first part of my third book, the fifth outline I ever prepare for a book part, and I liked it. However, as I wrote, new ideas, like the fizz in a soda can, started popping in my head. I ended up following the first two chapters with no deviations from my outline as the story was yet to take shape. When I started working on the third chapter, I realized that some additional unexpected situations would greatly increase the quality of the book.

The third chapter is about the main protagonist starting his quest, after being torn from his pleasant lifestyle. It starts when the protagonist and his two companions seek an audience with a certain notorious Countess as part of a dead man’s will. I intended to make it focus on the protagonist and almost excluding any significant situation regarding his companions – they would simply sit this one out. However, I realized that adding a major handicap to one of his companions would only make the story more interesting, and this addition would not affect the intended ending of this book because it has not been prepared yet.

This is the first time I make such a huge deviation from the outline. I consider my lack of my reluctance to do so as proof that it is a valuable addition to the story. So I basically wanted to say that I found an additional advantage of preparing modular outlines.


On Writing: That Golden Idea

So I have been working on my third book, or fourth if the merging of the two volumes of my first book does not count, and am half way through the first part, consisting of five chapters. So far, I have a mild idea of the big idea – I call it the Golden Idea – I want to conclude my story with.

While writing my first book, it took me two months to come up with a Golden Idea. This time, however, I am trying to force it out and its clearly not working.

I noticed that the Golden Idea is not something that you can force out, but it is a concept that slowly materializes before your eyes as you write and experience life – by simply living and having new or old experiences. It is possible that the initial idea can be forced, but it won’t be refined this way. My current theory is that any concept can become a Golden Idea once it has been properly embedded within a story which is nearing its end.

There are many ideas being considered at the moment, all which need not be addressed at the moment because the book is still in its early stage, but I believe that at least one of them will develop into a Golden Idea as I reach the end of this book. I guess the only way of knowing it is by finishing my third book which I am considering calling ‘Deliverance’ or ‘Emperor’s Deliverance’.

On Writing: Goal

Started working on the second volume of my book as you all know, I’m currently in the fifth chapter. My goal is to write 2,000 words per day, which is quite a bit. So far I am writing a chapter a day, from a total of fifteen planned ones. I have been successfully exceeding my allocated words per day by an additional 1,000 for the past three days, at least.

This time I plan on proof reading before I finish the book. So far I failed on this task, with the exception of the first chapter.