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On Writing: I Just Want to Write

Ever since I published my book on kindle,  I have been going through websites and blogs to spread the word…it has been over ten hours now and I still can’t stop. This will be a problem if it keeps up.


On Writing: Independent Publishing

Not knowing how pressed on time I will be after two months, I decided to contemplate pursuing several parallel courses of publishing for my book while I still have the time (How vague!)

Today I was contacted by Xlibris publishing, an independent publishing company which helps authors publish their work and assist in non-writing activities.

Assuming that the research I do about Xlibris does not convince me to dismiss them entirely, I am resistant to the idea of independent publishing for some reason. Although that I expect everything to operate in that way by the end of the century (Individual efforts rather than corporate ones), I am still highly affected by the traditional way of doing things.

What do you think I should do? Do I wait for a very small chance of being given a chance by a literary agent and a following traditional publisher? Or do I pursue the independent rout in parallel to the traditional one?