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The Perfect Woman

This is the first of many posts, in this particular post I will talk about what the perfect woman looks like to most men.

This question is a puzzling one, especially if you are a girl or woman, you want to know what men want, not necessarily because you want to be able to make yourself desirable for every single dude out there, or that one particular guy you have a crush on, maybe you are just curious, either way this is where you should be.

First we will discuss the physical features. The typical kind of woman that people, even men, think is “desired” looks pretty much like 0.0000000001% of the female population (PS: That is an exaggerated over-estimate). When we think “bombshell” we think big round breasts (not too big), nice round butt, hourglass shaped body, long thick hair that flows, sightly tanned, oh and I almost forgot the “wearing minimal clothing” part. That in itself might seem quite common, but take a moment to think of how many women you know that look like that? Probably less then 10%, unless you work in the modelling business. So far the face features have not been discussed and the many minor details that are practically impossible to list. Here is an idea of what you may find men staring at:

  • Face, really does not need to be pointed-out
  • Hands, particularly nails and how well they are taken care of
  • Feet, similar to hands, most guys would look at your feet if they get the chance
  • Legs and knees, one of the sexiest parts if well maintained
  • Neck, does not need to be explained
  • Stomach, belly-button area

These are the most commonly checked out parts other then the breasts and butt.

As for the non-physical features, that is where we get really creative, we basically want our best friend in a girls body, this simply cannot be because of how psyches differ between sexes. Men want a girl that understands them (impossible), gives them space, makes them feel needed, laughs at their every joke (especially the bad ones that only they get), fits in well with his friends, is easy going, keeps the asking minimal, cooks well (I know, its sad), motivates them, and spoils them. This is just a small portion of what men want, but you get the point.

Now you probably wounder what the hell is this about, and thinking that most men never get involved with a woman like the one described. Well men have a great weakness, and its women, what we think and what we do is not really related. We have certain ideas and when it comes to applying them we are way off. Do not mistake this for settling, the truth is that we simply like women in any form.

I know that this has been as helpful as trying to build the great wall of China with beavers as construction workers, however, this is just what some people think.

Stay tune for the next article folks.