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On Business: and Everything Else

I read an article about Sony just yesterday and it made me think more than I thought it would. Although This article is titled On Business, it is really relevant to everything else. Writers will definitely understand.

When I was sixteen years old, a time that seems so far away, I used to go once every week to play computer games with my friends – we were particularly fond of strategy games. I seldom went with the same people, but there was this one guy that would always come with me. We often played against one another and he always beat me, without ever revealing his secret to his ongoing success.

Many years later the topic came up and I asked him: “How come you always used to win?” His answer was simply: “Micro-management.”

Being an avid player at the time, I understood the term. Micro-management is exactly what it sounds like, paying attention to the small details in context of larger goals. In other words, treating every unit as if it matters the most.

By now most of you are guessing ‘What the hell is this guy talking about!’ but I am talking about a simple truth that we often overlook. In our pride and avarice, we tend to forget the little things, and sometimes they matter just as much as the big ones do.

Sony, being the giant at the time with its game-changing inventions, forgot that all what they achieved was because of the diligent work of their loyal inventors. These women and men were neglected and, naturally, they were sought out by a poorly-performing company at the time, Samsung, and given the liberties they wanted to satiate their curiosities to their hearts’ content.

Samsung made it to where they are today only because of one thing, Micro-management. They treated their inventors as Sony should have and gave them the opportunity to do what they love best.

What amazes me, however, is that a sixteen-year-old boy knew about Micro-management while an international giant such as Sony did not. I wonder how often does it happen that experience is beaten by simplicity.


An Old Post: It Talks About Reaching

This was written on Wednesday 14 January 2009,

Did you ever have a classmate, acquaintance or friend that is simply good at everything? Someone that looks good, is very social, intelligent, fit…simply good at everything.

These people are the envy of, basically, everyone. It will share the secret with you about how to be someone like that.

These are the steps you should follow:

  1. Work out as much as you can without disturbing your schedule, usually an hour or two everyday for 4-7 times a week
  2. Constantly work on improving yourself at everything, physically, spiritually and intellectually
  3. Constantly try to make new friends that keep you motivated and don’t drag you down
  4. Set challenging goals, not goals that you think anyone can do with little effort, but goals only a few can accomplish
  5. Learn something new everyday, a word, a proverb, a skill…anything would do
  6. Think before you act but not too much, in time you will learn the appropriate amount of thinking required or different tasks
  7. Set a philosophy that you don’t deviate from, such as “I will always do what I think is the right thing” or “I will always do what’s best for me”
  8. Find out your flaws, embrace them then try to improve them
  9. Look at things objectively rather than subjectively, it makes it much easier to take good decisions
  10. Pick a hobby that helps you relax
  11. Structure your day as much as possible and pick a healthy diet
  12. Work on your self-discipline until you have full control on your animalistic instincts

I know it seems a lot, but this is the first step towards a life too easy to imagine, follow this for a while and when its time to move on It will post a new set of steps to follow. Be patient and good luck.

An Old Blog: It Talks About Killing Stress

This was written on Sunday 11 January 2009,

Today’s Topic, Stress. Many Urban dwellers suffer from constant medium leveled stress, on the long run this is very disruptive to this individuals productivity levels.

For the purpose of this blog, stress will be categorized into three levels, low, medium and high.

Low stress is experienced when someone is to be late for meeting a friend, medium is, say, when someone is late for a business meeting and high would be in a war zone.

If you are reading this blog it is highly doubted that you are in a war zone, and if so then you should be worried about saving your butt instead of reading this blog.

Anyway, most of you would occasionally have a medium level of stress, how to cope with it is not a strong point for most people, here are a few tips.

First of all you could try a shift in diet, some foods contain substances that increase stress levels on the long run, such as foods containing white sugar (It realizes that this is included in most of what you eat today), eliminating foods containing artificial sugars would on the long term reduce stress, but doing so would require some patience and will power, good friends can help too.

Exercising also reduces stress levels, an hour a day jogging should do the trick.

Meditation is helpful for those who can find a nice quite place to do so, it is not that difficult you just need to sit in a straight position on a comfortable plane and focus on your breathing while clearing your mind of everything else.

Hobbies are very effective, if you are really into it, the further it takes you from your environment the more effective it is, among the most effective stress releasing hobbies are surfing, skateboarding and diving.

Try a few of these techniques and you might find yourself less stressed, more productive and generally happier, good luck.

An Old Blog: New Year

This was written on Saturday 10 January 2009,

It is a bit late to post for the New Year, but some people are still attempting to make their New Year’s resolution or desperately trying to implement whatever seemingly hopeless goals they came up with.

The truth is that nothing is impossible, unless you’re trying to grow wings or something, the trick is to keep yourself motivated and set goals that are difficult to achieve, but by no means impossible.

Common goals might include financials, physical appearance, intellect, health and so on. Self-improvement is a must for a successful trend of New Year resolutions.

After you came up with a resolution your aim should be to maintain the path by which you were heading, the first step is to write your goal or goals on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere you see first thing in the morning, such as a fridge or bathroom mirror.

The point of this is to keep your goals in your head and not to simply forget them two weeks after you came up with them.

From here we can move to the next step, tell your friends and family about your resolution, it has been scientifically proven that people who set goals and tell others about them are more likely to try and implement them.

If it is possible, try to find a close friend that has the same or similar aim you came up with, that would encourage you to go on and increase your motivation, stay away from the people that drag you down though.

Before you go to bed at the end of your day, try to review how your day went, and see how you deviated from your objective, write down your comments and review them weekly.

Keep this up for 56 weeks or 12 months and you will come to the end of your goal deadline, other than preparing the resolution for next year you should review your previous resolution and see how far you made it.

These are basic steps for you to follow, they key is not to get tired and give up, good luck.