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My New Hobby:Writing

So, I finally decided to actively pursue a hobby. After a long time of thinking and planning, I decided that writing was the most practical hobby that I liked. It took me a month to finish the first draft of my first book titled ‘Book of Kayal – Rise from Exile’. This is the first volume of a saga, which I intend to finish as I learn more about my new hobby. 

The hardest part about starting to write a book is coming up with an idea. Once you have a message to convey, it feels that your fingers can’t type fast enough, and there is too much to say. 

As soon as I finished the first draft, of about 80k words, I thought that my work was complete. However, I was so terribly wrong, my work was just beginning. In an attempt to learn more about writing, I will be actively trying out new techniques to improve my process. During the time of my learning, I will be documenting the major aspects of learning, as well as the process, in this blog.

Some of my posts will serve as a public journal, one which anyone is welcomed to read and comment on.

Here is the preview of my first book.


On Exercise: A Slight Change

Remember earlier when I wrote about my exercise routine, well today while I was working out I changed a small part of it.

I now exercise on a 5×5 schedule, maxing the weights on every rep and adding from 5 to 10 lbs to the weights I lift per each exercise for each workout.

I also realized that it would be impossible to do the five exercises on one day, that would total to 125 reps of heavy weights, and I do not have more then one hour to train with work and all.

So now the days will not be split to weights and calisthenics, instead it will be a mix of the two, I will try to cram the cardio in as often as possible, not exceeding 35 kilometers a week.

On Exercise: Shock Training

About a month ago I was discussing with a friend how he can break the plateau he was stuck in for a while, I suggested just crushing it for six days straight.

This might seem a little vague, but “crushing it” is the perfect terminology for the brutal exercise pattern I am about to describe, try it out and you will find it as accurate as the symmetry of the carpets in an obsessive compulsive person’s apartment.

For anyone that used to exercise hardcore and wants to reestablish the habit, or anyone that reached a plateau and wants to break it, I suggest trying shock training.

What I propose is simply maxing out your physical exercise potential, if you run for an hour, make it two, if you do 3 exercises per muscle group, make them 6, and so on.

What I personally do in this case is go over each and every single machine in the gym and keep my pace relatively quick, short breaks and in case I can’t lift the weights I started with then I lift lighter.

The point is to spend at least 4 hours in the gym and lift as much as a five year old girl by the end of the exercise.

You will feel nauseous, you will feel tired, you will feel desperate, but hang in there for six consecutive days.

What I tell you is extremely hardcore and old school, if you are not up for the task do not do it.

The exercises themselves are not important to focus on, this is NOT a long term routine, and it is not meant to make you look lean, or help you bulk-up.

Shock training is incredibly effective in making your body break its limits, it is incredibly difficult and by no means meant for the light hearted.

I know this is a radical approach to exercising, and I agree 100%, I always do things my way and train in unusual methods.

Good luck.

On Others: Resolution Fitness

This post is sick, it will make you reconsider putting more effort in your body, Alignment! Oh My!.

How To Start: On Exercise

Did you ever feel that you want to do something but don’t know where to start? The feeling of being somewhat clueless about something can sometimes drive people away from a certain idea, goal or aspiration.

After being stuck myself in a similar situation (not exercise related though), I realized that it would be helpful if someone paved the path to a healthier life-style, that is if you are stuck in the beginners dilemma.

I believe the easiest way to begin something is to have certain steps to follow. I came up with these steps after thinking about my own personal experience, that allowed me to stay on track for over 11 years.

Step 1: Make a resolution

Resolutions are incredibly effective if you stick to them and constantly remind yourself about them, nothing beats a good resolution in terms of motivation.

A good resolution (you can call it goal or objective) needs to be difficult to achieve, yet achievable. Do not set impossible goals such as loosing 10 kg (22 lbs) in a week, goals like these would simply demotivate you.

Tell people about your objectives so that they encourage you and, most importantly, try to impress them.

These are the basic most important features of a good resolution, you might want to further look into the subject if you want to apply it to other aspects of your life.

Step 2: Start right away

When you decide you want to start exercising, just do it. You can start by exercising for 30 mins at home doing some push-ups and crunches. It is essential to start right away, the more time you spend on a thought the less and less it starts to seem appealing.

Do not focus on the minor details regarding your first workout such as exercises, nutrition and timing, it might be overwhelming and put you off. The first time you exercise just do what you know, then afterwards you would know what you need to know and, should start researching.

Step 3: Research

Research is incredibly important, but not the kind where you just read about other’s goals and achievements, you should read everything that is evenly remotely associated to exercising. Do not expect this process to end on one long sleepless night, this is a process that lasts for a lifetime. I am a firm believer that we never stop learning and should constantly strive to know more as long as we are able to maintain a healthy-balanced-functional life.

Once you read a workout, or watched a video about a certain routine, apply it and record your own progress. Progress recording should not necessarily be a written journal-like log, you can just remember where you started off and compare.

Step 4: Continuation, the final step

The final step is simply not stopping, you keep on exercising and trying out different things. Making it a habit is the most important part, not the exercising part only, but also the learning and the constant change.

These are the steps that I personally used and work fine for me, hopefully this will help you jump-start your exercising habit and make it a permanent thing.

Good luck and have fun.

Why Exercise? An Attempt To Make You Healthier

After surfing this site for quite a while, it has come to my realization that lots of bloggers are interested in health and fitness and thought that I might contribute a bit regarding the matter.

Let me tell you about my fitness life a bit before you start wondering “why the hell should I continue reading this?”. Back in the year 2000 I made new millennium resolution (not something many can claim) that I would start living more healthily and exercising regularly. Today, 28 November 2011 I still hold my resolution and continue to follow my plan.

At first, I was not sure of what the hell I was doing, started with some crunches and push-ups at home, then added some pull-ups and chin-ups when I decided to invest in one of those door bars. For about a year or two that was the only thing I was doing, and I was doing it extremely often. There was no pattern or timing or record keeping at the time, just exercising whenever I was free, when I wake up and before I sleep. By the end of this period I was doing ridiculous amounts of reps and reached a plateau I couldn’t break, then I decided to get some cardio in the mix, and started running 2-3 times a week.

In the year 2003/4 I started hitting the gym, not really knowing what I was doing, most of my free time was spent researching exercises and work-out routines and trying them out. about a year later it hit me that I really need to focus on nutrition and started applying a healthy diet where I eliminated all junk and artificial food. Till this day I follow the plan 99% of the time, deviating for occasions only. It reached a point that its part of who I am, I breath, sleep, eat, do some other human body function stuff, and exercise.

So far I told you nothing that you can use or apply to your life, well here it comes. First of all, you need to exclusively and openly declare a personal mission to be healthy, loose fat, gain weight, or whatever you choose (to me it was becoming a healthy person). After that you should start attempting to reach your goal with whatever knowledge you have regarding the subject while researching in order to fine tune your attempts. You need to realize that you will never reach a point where you do not require any further researching, there is always something out there you don’t know about. Establishing the habit is the number 1 priority you should have, it is truly the secret to succeeding in your goals and maintaining the results.

No two people on this Earth have the exact same body or DNA, even twins or clones (environmental factors would cause them to have slight variations from each other, but that’s not the point). What works for someone else does not necessarily work for you, you need to fine tune your plan to fit your body, after all, you are the only one that has the potential to fully understand your body since you live with it 100% of the time.

my height is about 170 cm and currently weight 80 kg (176 lbs) with 12% body fat, at my heaviest I weighed about 87 kg (191 lbs) and had about 10% body fat, and my lowest was 72 kg (158.2 lbs) and had about 8-9% body fat. I never used steroids and the only supplements I used was whey protein (for 5 days only) and animal flex (one box or whatever these containers are called). Personally I think that almost all supplements are useless if you have a healthy balanced diet, meal replacements are only useful if you have a busy life-style and don’t really have time to properly prepare your meals. I am considering experimenting a bit with supplements, but at the moment I am not convinced that they are of any use and have 0% faith in them so I’m not sure about this yet.

I hope that this blog provided you with some ideas to as how to start or proceed with your exercise-included life, or at least alleviated a couple of minutes of boredom.

Thank you all for reading.