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On Writing: Application

It has been a week now since I had the time to work on my projects. I have to admit it, though, that I have been writing a lot of non-creative related ‘things’ due to the immense magnitude of assignments I have been given over the past two weeks.

For the first time since I started writing it feels as if there is some practical application to my still-developing skill. The other day I was working on a paper, nothing too big or shabby, and found that the quality of my work did improve simply due to an increase in the level of English mastery.

It will be an interesting semester, but I hope it does not stall my projects any further than it already had.


On Writing: Discovery vs. Outlining

My new tactic of outlining my chapters before writing them served me well while working on the first part of the book I am currently working on. However, as I dig deeper into the story, the strategy seems to loose both its effectiveness and efficiency. I am currently half way through the second part and its seems that I am utterly lost.

There are two options I am currently aware of regarding the new hindrance, (1) to work on completing an outline for the remaining half of the part, or (2) to take a break from the current project and start working on improving another aspect of my writing. Nevertheless, It is unlikely that I would be capable of taking a break from an uncompleted story.

PS: so far the book stands still at 56,000 words.

On Writing: New Appreciation

As I held a book in my hands today and read from it, I realized that writing did more to me than provide an outlet for self-expression; it allowed me to appreciate reading far more than I used to. It is a strange feeling when you start seeing the world from a writer’s perspective. Suddenly, Everything I experience become observed in a different manner. Everything I read is a valuable source of knowledge and self-improvement. After writing over 160,000 words in a span of six months, I am starting to see the world from a different perspective. A pleasant perspective filled with emotion and admiration. Writing really makes you think.

I had a cousin visiting the past week and she told me that she knew some published writers in the US. After having a brief conversation about the topic, she offered to help get me in contact with a few literally agents (a huge step forward). Perhaps I would finally get to know how far I have gone in this writing endeavor.

On Writing: Too Slow

Yesterday was a big dissapointment in terms of writing, however, I did get to work on my artwork for the first book.

I noticed two interesting things as I worked on my new hobby. The first is that I get affected by the most recent book I read, in terms of style of writing.

I also noticed that while writing I get way too many ideas. Currently, I am at a phase where I have the next two books planned in terms of concept, setting and idea – refraining from writing an outline so I can focus on my current project.

I need to read and write faster, way faster.