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Hands of Fate: Chapter 1.4


After waking up from her extended nap, Ganis headed outside the crew’s quarters and towards the alchemy lab where Ninazu created his sinister concoctions. Never having seen the man before, Ganis was quite shocked when he appeared in front of her. The apothecary had long, coarse, black hair coupled with a black beard. Other than his dark skin, Ninazu’s facial features were hidden behind the dense fur covering most of his face.

Once Ganis knocked at the door and opened it, Ninazu’s pitch black eyes met Ganis’. His stare extended past the surface of Ganis’ pupils and into her soul. In spite of being a creature whose life had been unnaturally extended, Ganis felt the coldness of Ninazu’s gaze. It was as if she stood naked with all her true self and intentions uncovered.

The Moroi quickly looked away and pretended to gain a sudden interest in her host’s work. “What are you working on, comrade?” Ganis asked, hoping that the attempt would distract Ninazu from his inspection.

“Your eyes are different,” the apothecary was not fooled by Ganis’ attempt to hide her true identity.

“How so?”

“They are empty. I rarely see anyone with eyes as empty as yours. Usually people’s eyes tell a story or show some significant detail regarding their personality, but your eyes are simply void.”

Growing increasingly uncomfortable with the conversation, Ganis attempted to revert to her originally planned conversation, “Do you have any medicine that would ease seasickness?”

The man picked up a cylindrical vial placed on the table he worked on and handed it to Ganis, “Drink this.”

Ganis took the vial and smelled its contents. The lack of a bitter smell identified it as a safe potion. The Moroi gulped the clear green liquid immediately and thanked the man, while heading out.

“Wait! I want to ask you something,” Ninazu spoke just as Ganis was about to close the wooden door.

She returned inside the room and stood with compliance. There was no need to utter any speech to signal her submission regarding her comrade’s request.

“Pertinax has told me a great deal about your past, but there is a period where the details of your life remain obscure. Where were you during the events of the Ancient’s War?”

“I was by Asclepius’ side, aiding in what little way I could.”

“Surely, there is some interesting story behind the deeds of the hero of Nosgard during his farce with the pale ancient,” with no attempt to hide his suspicions, Ninazu hinted.

“The man used incredible magic generated from the teeth of fallen Dragons. By combining the animating properties of the Dragon teeth and the bodies of the Draugr, Asclepius created a colossal bone golem that stood on a par with the ancient. Although the spell was great, the Behemoth struck at the construct and broke its bones. With his last shred of remaining strength, the Necromancer hurled the shards of broken bones into the weakened body of the Behemoth and killed it. I was there during this duel, watching from a safe distance.”

“Now that I know about your past, I would like to share mine. I came to your lands when I was a child no older than ten years old. Unfortunately, the ship bearing my people crashed, and the few remaining survivors banded together and lived as one nomadic tribe. We built our homes on wheels so we could take them with us to the different kingdoms we went to. Along our journey, we picked up a few skills and traded some items. I learned the properties of herbs and how to combine them into potions this way. When the civil war started and the Council came to power, we were hunted down as outlaws. The final Peacekeeper raid on my tribe cost the lives of all my companions. Once I was alone, there were no morals or rules to guide my actions and I resorted to crime. I used my skills in alchemy to create poisons for assassins and bandits serving criminal organizations in Gallecia. My success alerted the authorities regarding my presence, and I was eventually caught and exiled to Partha. I met Commander Thane in the exile colony and was offered sanctuary by his followers. Thane made use of my alchemy skills to heal the wounded and preserve life. I spent a decade in Partha tending the wounds and injuries of others until I met Lyra, our leader. The coming of the Demigod Servak fueled the Parthan desire for vengeance and allowed me to avenge my Turian brethren by aiding the rebels. Ever since that day, I have loyally served Lyra and her Emperor, for they gave me closure regarding my murdered kin.”

“You are a Turian, like Sigurd?”

“Indeed, but his story is quite different from mine. Circumstances led my life to be one of solitude for a time, but Sigurd led a life of seclusion till he met Thane. In spite of all the pain I have been through, I cannot begin to imagine what he has undergone,” Ninazu sympathized with his fellow Turian and trusted comrade.

“I am glad that you shared your story with me. Thank you.”

“I have only shared with you as many details as I wish. However, unlike your story, mine was all true. I do not know what you are trying to hide from us, but I know that there is more to it than past events. I cannot reveal the truth behind your history if you are not willing to share it. When you are free from distrust, seek me out. For now, the remedy I gave you should be enough,” returning to mix his ground herbs, Ninazu declared.

Ganis excused herself and left the room where Ninazu worked. She made sure to properly close the door once she was outside. Ganis then headed to the main deck to watch the sunset and reevaluate her cover story.


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